Workshop 8: Colour Theory

29/03/17 - Colour Theory Above are three examples of the design taken from last weeks workshop with a unique colour scheme applied. These were all created and edited in Photoshop. The three colour schemes chosen are Warm, Cool, and Triadic. Warm emphasises on reds, yellows and oranges and are also known as advancing colours. These … Continue reading Workshop 8: Colour Theory


Workshop 7: Interface Design

22/03/17 - Interface Design Above is the design created from the wire-frame developed in last weeks workshop. This was made in Photoshop, using guide layouts and rules to align the elements of the page properly and with continuity. Design references: Reflection The transition from wire-frame to design was an enjoyable process, finally … Continue reading Workshop 7: Interface Design

Workshop 5: Image Formats

01/03/2017 - Image Formats GIF (Graphics interchange format): This is used for flat graphics, it can contain simple animations and basic ‘on’ or ‘off’ transparency. This compression type removes colours to reduce file size. JPEG (Joint photographic expert group): This type is mostly used for photos, it cant support millions of colours and is a … Continue reading Workshop 5: Image Formats

Workshop 1: User Experience

25/01/17 - User Experience In this weeks session we learnt the importance of the user experience (UX) when using a website, and how it is a method of communication rather than mere decoration. Layout, format, structure, consistency and navigation are all critical in providing a successful UX, inciting the user to revisit the site. A successful … Continue reading Workshop 1: User Experience