Workshop 1: User Experience

25/01/17 – User Experience

In this weeks session we learnt the importance of the user experience (UX) when using a website, and how it is a method of communication rather than mere decoration. Layout, format, structure, consistency and navigation are all critical in providing a successful UX, inciting the user to revisit the site. A successful UX should allow the user to identify what the site is in 4 seconds, and where they should go next in 10, showing how crucial communication is in interface design.



This is an example of a website that works well, and is presented in an appealing format. It has an expected logo in the top left corner, with a clear visual hierarchy drawing the users eye immediately to the search bar in the centre of the screen. It is easily identifiable that the site is meant for searching through 3D models, along with the knowledge that this site also sells 3D models through the use of a shopping basket symbol on the top right. All the relevant information is above the fold, with other elements along the bottom of the screen to show the user they can scroll down for more content.


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