Workshop 2: Typography

01/02/2017 –  Typography

In this workshop we were introduced to InDesign Adobe Software, the page layout application used by professionals. We were given multiple tutorials on the software, as it is quite different to the software we had previously used.

Using Adobe InDesign we focused on typography, and how multiple font families can make a project have a professional tone, whereas projects completed with a single font, even by design, can look amateurish. Font families, such as Helvetic light/bold/regular, are groups of fonts that share a similar look, using font families is an easy way to have continuity throughout the fonts in the project.

We set up a grid and tested various fonts and font families to test their visual appeal, using the grids to align the fonts and clear up the document. The combined use of font families alongside the grids for aligning the text really helped to create a flow for the document. Important information such as titles, names were easy to spot, with additional/secondary information beneath, either centralised or aligned to the left in a smaller font. Changing the font weighting and opacity here had a great affect, and immediately gave the piece a far more professional feel.


buisness card

Business Card using font families and varying text opacity, example


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