Workshop 3: Design Principles

08/02/17 – Principles of Design


In this session we looked at the designer Otl Aicher and his influence on design. Otl Aicher was the lead designer for the 1972 Summer Olympic Games, and designed the pictograms to be displayed around the Munic Stadium.


Olt Aichers Pictograms for the 1972 Summer Olympics

He created these designs like this to make it easier for the guests at the olympics to find their way around. The simplistic designs were made using a grid system to make them all look so similar.

We took inspiration from our these designs to make a similar theme using circles. Using InDesign we could create a grid, allowing the circles to have structure and an ordered look to them, as seen in Olt Aichers designs.

These designs represent the principles of design, in the following order;


Using the theme taken from Olt Aichers, each image carries the same art style and feel, this represents a family of art.


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