Workshop 8: Colour Theory

29/03/17 – Colour Theory

Website Dev

Warm Colour Scheme

Website Dev_cold

Cool Colour Scheme

Website Dev_Triad

Triadic Colour Scheme

Above are three examples of the design taken from last weeks workshop with a unique colour scheme applied. These were all created and edited in Photoshop.

The three colour schemes chosen are Warm, Cool, and Triadic.

Warm emphasises on reds, yellows and oranges and are also known as advancing colours. These replicate the colours of the sun and fire, instantly reminding the viewer of warmth and comfort.

Cool emphasises on blues, greens and violets and are also known as receding colours. These replicate the colours of winter, snow, water and rain, reminding the viewer of the cold and cool.

Triadic emphasises on opposite / evenly spaced colours in the colour wheel. In this case, purple, green and orange. It creates a very vibrant final design where ideally one colour is used as a main, with additional colours used sparingly.

There are several other colour schemes, including;

and Shade


Image representing each individual colour theory




The principles of colour theory


Out of the three, I believe the warm colour scheme is the most ideal for the dating website, as comfort and warmth is a perfect message to receive upon visiting the site.  The matching shades of red with varying opacities give the site a more professional and considered appearance, alongside matching the faded light grey background image, really bringing the site together.

The cold colour scheme, though nice, gives the opposite effect, and does not resonate with love or dating. The cool blue has been used in dating sites, such as, but I feel the warm reds fit the nature of the site.

Triadic is in my opinion is too harsh on the eyes when combined with the images and advertisements, thus loosing the professional look. This could be solved with increasing opacities on the stronger colours to tone down the appearance, however this option is still far too contrasting with the idea of the site.


Imaging showing the various shades under each colour group


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